Mar 15

Time to Redirect and Refocus!


I started weight training about a month ago at 123.5 pounds. Do you know how much I weight today? 123.5 pounds. Today my nutritionist told me that my food choices are good and we should focus our last couple of sessions on pre/post work-out meals. She also measured my body fat percentage, which was up 1 percent (I eat a lot of avocado and raw nuts). She told me that slimness looks good on me and that, in her personal opinion, I should aim to maintain my current body fat percentage (19 percent) rather than try to go up.

My trainer did my body measurements and I’ve lost one inch in the waist and gained 2 inches in the hips (my lower back used to curve a lot). She mentioned that no matter what amount of exercise she does and what amount of food she eats, she basically stays the same weight and that I might be the same way. Therefore, I should consider altering my end goal. My original was to get to about 130 pounds.

So I’m basically more “hour glassy” but the exact same weight I’ve been since God knows when. It’s funny because if you look back to the vision board I created about a year ago, you’ll see that one of my goals was to be physically active (hence the sneakers) but be happy with my naturally slim physique (hence the images of Kelly Roland and Brandy).

In retrospect, I thought I looked my best when I was 130 pounds 4 years ago but I’ve been getting a lot more attention from men lately, so who knows.

My nutrition goals? To snack more frequently and stay on my plant-based whole foods diet. (Yes, I’ve finally defined my eating style).

My fitness goals? A flatter/tighter tummy, improved posture, slightly bigger thighs, and a strong back. I would also love to perfect my push ups, sit ups (I can only do curls right now), and dead lifts. I hope to reach these goals by the end of the month. What a way to kick off spring, eh?




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